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My jaw is absolutely lying on the floor! I can't imagine ANYONE giving up a snap on tool of any description in any condition for a Husky! I wonder if they really just found some old tools and put in the bucket as a ploy.


My Dad has bought a number of Mac tools beginning right after WWII. They are okay, but I can't imagine anyone preferring a MAC ratchet over a Snap On. I suppose it's a personal preference thing, but to me the MAC is a big, bulky piece of junk compared to a Snap On. The difference to me is like the difference between a Ferrari and a dump truck, the Snap On being the Ferrari.

If they do open a Snap On store in Dallas I will definitely roam around that place like Tim the Toolman Taylor. In fact, I think it would be a good decision to put a bank next door and offer tool loans, most people would need them if they do any business in the store.

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