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I knew this thread would be an active one and the general concensus that Snap-on is one of the leaders and that for the shade-tree type, Craftsman is okay but declining in quality is also what I expected.

In thinking back I realized I did have one experience with Snap-on tools. Back in the early '90s my first car, a '73 Plymouth, was damaged in an accident when another driver "followed the vehicle in front of him through the intersection" (his quote to the police) and through a stop sign. Fortunately I was able to find a complete front clip in a salvage yard near home and brought this over to the body shop doing the repairs. A month or so later when the work was done and I picked up the car I quickly discovered that the horn didn't work. Remembering that the old horns had worked and figuring that they were still on the damaged pieces at the shop, I went back. "Sure, take what you need out of the junk pile in back. If you need tools, you can use mine." I was told by the owner. Grabbed a Snap-on combo wrench to remove the horn. WOW!! If a Craftsman feels like a good tool in your hand, the Snap-on felt like it WAS part of my hand and I was in direct contact with the bolt.

Since that day I've continued to buy Craftsman due to budget but there is little question, I'll buy all Snap-on the day I win the lottery (of course it helps to buy lottery tickets )

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