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New question!
I was giving the FSM a thorough read last night and noticed for re-installation of the bolts holding the subframe to the floor it says "re-cut thread on frame floor." I haven't heard this mentioned elsewhere. Is it necessary and what exactly does it entail?
Also, should I replace the three flex disc nuts I remove? I just did the driveshaft in April but I know they're self-locking so maybe I should get new ones.

Edit to add more Qs:
-Each bolt kit comes with three bolts, one hex head and two 12pt allen heads. Sorry to be thick, but which am I supposed to use? There are only two places to put bolts on each arm as far as I know.
-The arms come without the centering sleeves installed, but I have them separate. The FSM shows them already installed, so I'm not sure how to put them on the end of the arm. Do I just tap them in or is there any science to it?
-How far should I press the differential bushings in? I was very careful with the clocking, but not sure how far to go in ... the FSM uses the pressing in tool as a reference but the tool I am using is slightly different. On my subframe and the spare subframe, the mounts were at completely different depths, so I can't really use that as a reference because one of them must have been wrong.
-If I can get a good purchase on the bolt, is there any reason I can't break loose the rear subframe bolts with the car on the ground? Then tighten them by hand, raise car and proceed. The front bolts look decent. The rear ones look like a nightmare waiting to happen. Does having the weight off the frame help break them loose? Because I think I may have enough leverage with it on the ground.

Thanks. Overwhelmed by this right now; it's just making me feel stupid.
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