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My roll around has a mixed bag. You can save money on general items like extensions, etc by buying Crapsman. They work just fine. Some of the more specialized like vacuum hose puller offers you can only get from the tool trucks. My sockets are Mac, Snap-on, and Crapsman. I'm only fussy about my wrenches.I have some S/K wrenches which I rate highly considering the price. I have 3 standard length 13mm combo wrenches. The last one I would reach for is the Mac. I think Mac wrenches are clubs. I have no problem with the rest of the Mac line;I just don't like their wrenches.I would reach for my second best wrench next. That would be my snap-on. Snap-on wrenches are very good,but they are thicker than they need to be if the steel were better,and they are too slick to hold onto at times. The first 13mm I would reach for would be my STAHLWILLE. It is very strong and super thin. It also has alot of raised lettering on it for improved grip. Mr. Wille started making tools back around 1850 so he's gotten it right in my opinion. Now here is a question for the professional mechanics. Why is it so easy to leave a Snap-on ratchet in one of the last cars that left the shop,but you never lose a Craftsman ratchet? Trivia question. How did Snap-on get the name?

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