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You got it right. I'm sorry,but there is no prize other than the satisfaction. According to a famous commentator,here is the rest of the story. A young man was working at a foundry that made mechanic's tools. At the time each socket was attached to the handle. You had to have a breaker,a speed handle, and tee handle in each of the socket sizes. This young man went to management and suggested they make the sockets removable so the mechanic would only have to buy 3 wrenches and change the sockets. Needless to say he got the same horse laugh as the guy that asked a bunch of banks to loan him the money to start a business to put bras on cars. Why would they want to sell less tools? The young man wasn't deterred,and he started making sets on his own. He then went around selling them to mechanics. He couldn't keep up with orders. Interestingly sales at the foundry started to drop off and the rest is history.Many stories like that. Mighty Wurlitzer made a board room decision that there was no need for a couple of extra tunes on their juke boxes.Seeburg disagreed and put them on theirs. Soon after Wurlitzer was gone. Who would ever pay for a rock and try to make a pet out of it?

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