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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
ugh! I hope you REALLY like all that snow and cold up in mile high area! you should go over with us what you are doing to the replacement subframe for rust preventative. pics of the cleaning and treating with por-15, underbody spray if any, etc. (while, I'll never need any of these tips down here in the piedmont of NC, it's nice!)
I don't think a 1/2" impact will get those axle bolts, perhaps a 3/4" or like said, brace the lugs, and use a cheater bar on there!
Cleaning: Hosed off the subframe, brushing off the big clumps of dirt or oil. Then I took my power dremel with a couple different sanding bits and ground off the few areas that had surface rust. Then I used a couple different wire brushes to scrape off remaining rust, crud, oil, etc., and rough up the surface of the whole frame (took a looong time) while continually dousing with POR's Marine Clean and water. I gave it a final scrubbing with the Marine Clean and a scrub brush. Then I painted it with POR 15 black ... very careful to get it in crevasses (but NOT inside the mount cups or diff mount holes ... did not want to alter the way they fit in there!). It looks like a spanking new part:

As for the underbody of the car ... I will assess when I get the frame down, but I do know I will be doing some work on the protrusions where the front mounts attach. The undercoating is peeling off and I can see rust. I will remove the undercoating, scrap away and use the same POR15 black, plus undercoating on top (not where the mount actually touches). One issue I can see I'm going to have is separating the mounts from the frame ... the metal is rusted to it. Most other areas under the car (including where the rear mounts attach) look clean but I'll inspect more carefully when it's clear under there.
The rocker panels and jack points have to be addressed soon. I'm willing to pay to have someone do it; I just need to find someone. Bodyshops won't touch it because they "don't do restoration" and restoration guys have no interest because it's just an 87 sedan. But that's another story.
I think I'll throw a new muffler on while I've got everything down ... some big holes in the rear and a hole in the pipe going into it ... though I haven't noticed noise/smell/smoke.
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