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The A/C pods

Okay, I said $200 becausae the guy who replaced the evaporator on my car told me that it would be around $300 and I figured that most of this was labor.

If it is as much as you say it is, I will either put up with it or fix it myself.

I think the recirculation flap is working, Occasionally my center vent blows cold. Before I asked the guy to fix the evaporatoir I told him about how the #&%#@! center vent did not work and asked him to tell me how much to fix the whole damned thing, which he didn't do.

Hence, I want to fix it myself. I just need some advice as to how to get to the silly pods. Where can I find this info, for as cheap as possible?

Thanks to anyone who wants to help us (as you see there are several of us).

I sure wish the A/C on my Mercedes was as good as the one on my Hyundai Excel!
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