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The snapon man by my house has a snapon rachet from the early 1900s, around 1910 I think, where it ratchets only one way, but you have to push the 1/2 square through the ratchet to make it go the other way. That is why I think it was called snapon which is similar to the explination above. 1/2 is standard, that is why snapons part numbers for 1/2 start with S, 3/8 is Ferrel Drive, like FK831, and then 1/4 it TM, tiny midget. No question that snapon is superior, how do you like breaking a breaker bar than smashing your hands up against something sharp, it hurts, thats how I got my 3/8 snapon breaker bar. I think that my snapon torque wrench is far superior to anything i have ever used. I would agree that STAHLWILLE and HAZET are both extremely good, sometimes they are better than snapon especially in their hex drive, and spine drive because they are more compact letting you get to what you are trying to get at, like mercedes starter bolts...
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