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my A/C problems

Yes, the car had a bunch of problems: there was a slow leak in the evaporator, the thing blew intermittently out of the center vent, it occasionally blew hot air out of the center vent, and finally the stupid hideously expensive yet remarkably cheap-o looking blower motor died, and the fool thing became uninhabitable with the windows up.

I wanted them to put a copper evaporator in it, but the one they ordered would not fit, they said, and they put an aluminum one in it instead. They did replace a gizmo that had a plastic head connected to a long aluminum tube that was allegedly responsible for the hot air from the center vent problem. I told the guy about the center vent problem at least four times, including in writing, typed out in 14 point Roman.

I just want to find out how to get to the various pod things and replace them myself. It won't matter if the previous mechanic did or did not reconnect the hoses, because if I take it to the shop I doubt they would admit it even if they did. I am not wanting to blame anyone, because that will get me nowhere. I just want the &^##$@ thing fixed. I don't CARE about blaming anyone.

I have found that the best way to do something right is to do it yourself.

I was told that changing the shocks in this car (the tires had cupping wear in the front) would cost $900.00 and that I could only have Boge standard shocks, because "no one sold HD Bilsteins anymore." It was a very, very hard job, they said, and I asked three mechanics, that required special tools and a lift and removing the seats.

Naturally, as a reader of this forum I bought the damn things myself for $421.00 delivered (HD Bilstein, including the steering arm shock). I also replaced the rubber bumpers and the bellows on the front shocks for another $35.00. I was told that no one ever bought those parts, but they were obviously seriously eroded, so the job I did was better than the $900 job I was quoted.

It took me a day, but it wasn't all that hard and al I needed was a couple of jacks (a bumper jack and a bottle jack), a little patience and several good cuss words. I had to remove the liner from the trunk, but no seats. The hard part was getting the holes to line up un the housing s at the bottom of the rear shocks. I used a "picklefork" and a crowbar to get them in and then a couple of screwdrivers that are now slightly bent.

It makes a major difference in the way the car handles. The old shocks were still hard to compress, unlike the shocks I changed on an 82 Buick Regal, which were as loose as a trombone.

Curiously, the Buick didn't ride that much better even with new HD Monroe shocks.

My tire cupping problem has disappeared.

What I need to know is how to get the dash off and how to replace those pods.
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