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I don't want to let too much of my plans out since I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do, but as of right now I'm still missing the fuel injection computer and a few other modules. Given the cost of several thousands of dollars to replace these from Mercedes, I'm tempted to replace these with a setup I'm more familiar with, namely a A9L EEC-IV processor wired to for SEFI injection. I already have done a lot of custom work with these setups and are running a similar setup in my Lightning truck with a Vortech and Powerstroke diesel intercooler. Here's a vid of my recent creation. All of the piping and mounting is custom and I'm using a eec tuner that allows me to modify the fuel and spark tables, etc. The truck right now is putting down 405 rwhp on a motor originally rated at 245 from the factory.

Things that still have to be worked out are:

determine the size and impedence of the mercedes injectors (should'nt be a problem since I've used Bosch ones before)

determine what controls will be affected on the transmission

determine how to interface the gauges in the stock mercedes instrument panel

There should be enough room to replace the air pump with a Vortech. I'll probably use an S-trim with a Spearco intercooler. Just don't know where I'm going to put the intercooler since these cars don't have any extra cooling capacity as it stands.
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