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And BMWs filming car is...

Watching the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix coverage (on ITV in the UK), they did a small arcticle on a new BMW advert/film which was being filmed at Silverstone, England recently. 50 guys and equipment were flown over from Germany to do it, they film Ralf Schumacher (Michaels brother) and Juan Pablo Montoya driving the cars, walking around etc. etc.

You could see BMWs everywhere you looked, especially new 7-series, owned by all the hundreds of BMW execs, PR people etc.

Then they showed some of the filming of on-track sequences, requiring cameras and men mounted on some car pointing at the Williams-BMW F1 cars... a car which turned out to be, if you looked closely... a W140 S-class Mercedes!! With the roof cut out behind the driver and a flat floor for the cameras and people.

What's wrong BMW? 7-series not good enough for you?

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