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It pays to listen to your car!

On the way home from the range today, I detected an unusual growl or rumble. I shut down the stereo and listened intently as the growl intermitently came and went. The timing was consistent with changes in the roadway, and my initial thought was that I was hearing tire noise. For some reason I kept the radio off.

Once the stop and go traffic cleared I opened up to 80+MPH and was just cruising when I started to hear the growl, immediately followed by a very faint "clang" (one time). I went to the shoulder and popped the hood.

Much to my surprise I saw the A/C tensioner wobbling for and aft and while watching, the pulley began rythmically clanging against the fan. I shut the engine down and promtly cut the belt with my knife (no tools on board), soon as I did the pulley fell free from the tensioner shaft. I picked up the pieces, put them in the trunk and finished my drive home without further icident.

I hate to think what would have been wiped out if I hadn't been paying attention to the car. Perhaps the radiator, hoses and who knows what else. As it stands, all I need is a new tensioner and belt.

I'll post a picture of the assembly soon.
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