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There is a special tool used to measure the clearance (base position) of the hydraulic compensators. The adustments are made using either a different thickness shim inside the rocker where the compensator is installed, or a different thickness button on top of the valve stem where the compensator touches the valve (the little cup shaped button). Is it possible you left out on of the cup shaped buttons?
The recommended way of checking the compensator is to push down on top of the compensator (installed in the engine is fine) and see if the compensator "deflates" or not. If you can feel that the compensator is collapsing under pressure, it's bad. If you hold down hard and long enough it will eventually collapse, but the difference is if it does it easily or right away; you shouldn't be able to notice the collapsing, should take a long time, too long to feel it happening. Oh, you're supposed to push down with a "suitable" tool, I was told that you should push down with the handle end of a hammer.
If there is alot of play in the base position (valve closed, ie cam at the lowest or "base" position) then chances are you need to adjust the compensators. The fixture is rather expensive. I know you can buy it from MB, unsure where else or if someone can offer a "shadetree" adjustment method. In addition to the special tool a dial indicator is used in conjunction with the tool.

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