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95 W202 C280 Low Brake Pedal


I have a 95 W202 C280 with a very low brake pedal (i.e. excessive brake pedal travel) - the car can stop very well, however, the brake doesn't "engage" until it's near the bottom of the brake pedal travel (i.e. almost to the "metal").

I've replaced all 4 rotors, pads, brake fluid, but I still have the same problem. The brake work was done by the MB dealer, so I think (and hope) it's been done properly.

I've had 3 different MB mechanics looked at my car, and they all said the brake is working correctly, and the master cylinder is fine. However, I remember when the car was new, the brake pedal travel was really shortl - i.e. a slight touch of the brake pedal and the brake will start to "engage", just like my previous 88 300E.

Can any one please offer some suggestions on what I can do to bring back that "good" pedal feel? Can the brake pedal travel be adjusted in any way?

Sorry for this long post, but I really would like to get this "problem" resolved as soon as possible. Thanks very much in advance.
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