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About those pods

Member Easley says it is eight hours to replace the pods on a 300D and J Hidalgo says that they are right on top and easy to find and the cost should be mostly parts.

Are you guys both talking about the same 124 body or are we comparing apples and oranges here?

Why don't they make these things easier to work on? I know that GMC deliberately makes their cars impossible to fix inside the dashboard, but why wouild Mercedes (engineered like no other car) fdo this? Why should I ever have a problem with the air not blowing out of the obvious vent? I have never had this problem with any orher car. I think this system is overengineered.

I am amazed by the cleverness of design of my modest Hyundai Excel: the headliner is some sort of harder vinyl that is not stuck up with the usual foam. The instrument cluster can be removed in 5 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver.

And the A/C has had only one leak in 13 years. Now it the silly thing only steered like a Mercedes and felt safe over 60 mph...
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