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...from following this issue on the subject threads over a couple of years

>it is a dyi to verify the failure of the wiring harness (search here there's pics!)

>as time goes on....there's less and less folks able to get a good will r/r on this issue for the W124's (Starmark warranty covers it however- had the wiring harness on my '94 E320 coupe replaced last year under Starmark)

>dealer w/ most likely give ya the 'goodwill' boot due to (take your pick): over 100k on the odo, d/n purchase the car from them, not original owner, probably no other dealer relationship ie used or new MB purchases, no factory warranty...perhaps you are an acquaintance of the owner(s) of a MB dealership personally and are due a favor/goodwill?

>dealer would be happy to do the r/r for you at full wage & retail parts pricing...but may be nego into helping w/ some type of discount (best thing about dealer is warranty on parts and labor)

>qualified inde should be able to do r/r no problemo (save $ on the part ordering from mercedessshop)

good luck and let us know what turns out
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