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The Center Vent Thing

Thanks for the tip. I too feel that the window is the best way to get fresh air. I was really fnd of windwings, but somehow they have discontinued them.

I will look at the glove box and see how hard that is to remove.

I don't think my steering wheel moves at all, certainly not in or out. I assume that disconnecting the battery will disable the airbag.

I like the bit about how one is supposed to replace the airbag every 10 or 11 or 12 years. Sure, I am going to actually PAY
over a grand because this fool thing just might not work? I use the belts.

I have managed to survive 61 years without an airbag and even riding a bicycle without one of those goofy helmets. The last time I wore one of those, I got so much sweat in my eyes I could not see.

I am not sure which manual I will need. I suppose I will have to call MB. And probably pay through the nostrils. Where is Cap'n Kidd when you need him? Arrr! I have yet to see a 300D manual or disk on E Bay.
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