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Hope this helps

No sure about your car, but mine, 1992 300e goes like this.

Put up on ramps, block wheels (don't run your self over).

The mistake I made was I removed the drain plug, pan, filter. Reassembled and then added 6-7 quarts of transmission fluid. I ended up with a driveway coated with 6-7 quarts of transmission fluid.

Must drain the torque converter!! There is an (allen, i think) plug that screws into the torque converter, must rotate engine until drain plug lines up with opening in housing then remove plug and drain. Otherwise just changing a quart or two that's held in the pan.

I would do a search, I am sure there are threads on the subject.

Good luck,

PS> a skinny hose and skinny shafted funnel would help refill, done through dipstick hole. PSS> There must be a better way, I just haven't figured out and too embarassed to ask.
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