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1983 300D A/C Leaks

As stated in title. I put in 2 cans of 134A (it's been converted) runs cold for 2~3 days then stops working and clutch won't engage due to low pressure switch so I suspect I have a leak. Now, I was thinking about getting a Tracerline leak detection kit since I have lots of leaky cars to contend with BUT, I read that I might not want to try detecting an A/C leak like this since it can't show a gas-only leak, only if the oil's leaking out too and that the dye may or may not mix well with the oil. Should I just bring this in to a place that can detect leaks with an electronic device? Are there sections of this system that are more prone to leaks than others. Assuming a compressor leak and with probably getting a new one here for about 200. What would be a reasonble guesstimate for labor to swap out the compressor, flush the system, swap the expansion valve (I have a new one) recharge and test the system? From grunge near where the hoses lead to the condenser I am thinking there might be a leak there since the hose was changed to a barrier type. I'm afraid to futz with it since it's pretty awkward to get a couple of wrenches in there to test for tight. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.
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