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1988 260E Emission Problem and Questions

Greeting folks.

My 1988 260E failed the NYS emissions test with the following numbers, the limits are in parenthesis:

HC - 0.71(2.00)gpm
CO - 11.89(30.00)gpm
NOx - 4.60 (4.00)gpm

My NOx values where above the test limits. I have a new air filter, and new plugs( bosch platinums).

I have a question about the hose that's attached to the top of the cover that holds the air filter element. What is that hose? What does it do? What is the little vacum like hose that sprouts from it and goes somewhere under the air cleaner element housing? I'm asking because, the vacum hose broke off from the where it connects to the hose that attaches to the air cleaner and I accidentally pulled it too hard and it disconnected from whatever and where it was connected under the air cleaner. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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