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Smile Finally...

Ok, I finally got the dash off of my W124 '90 300E. It took me hours to do (i'm not exactly sure how long...I did it over a couple of days) because I was working without a manual, but it is off and I am waiting for the new diaphragms to come in the mail. When doing this job, it is not necessary to take off the steering wheel or the two lower trim panels (knee bolsters?). You just have to unscrew them from the upper panels and gently bend them down a bit to pull the dash off. You don't even have to disconnect the parking brake lever. All in all, I'd say that this was not a hard job to do, but it is very time consuming and tedious. Thankfully, I have another car to drive while I am working on this one. Another helpful thing for me was to group the screws together in plastic bags and label where they came from and also label some of the connections that go to the instrument cluster. Augh...the things I do for Auto-climate control... ;oP
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