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Is there a Seperate Vacuum Reservoir for the ACC

Vehicle is a 1980 450SEL (116)

Shop manual shows a Vac Resrvr that appears to be seperate from the one in the trunk that services the cruise control, door locks and somthing else.

So, is there a seperate one for the ACC? Is it buried somewhere in the cockpit?

Also, The manual shows that the main vac line after the first check valve under the hood is green. However, the one I've got is green with 2 black stripes and a second on that circuit is grey with 2 red stripes.

THoughts on the discrepancy?

Yes, I'm finally about to chase down the vac leak in the ACC. Just getting all of my stupid study done up front.

Fan motor shuts down when I get on the accelerator firm/hard. Can still hear the high pitch whine of a vac leak in the cockpit after shut down.....
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