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Question My Car Sounds Like A Jet! Why?

Well I have posted this same question before but now I have new news to report.
My car sounds like a jet when moving, applying the brakes does not matter nor does the gas. The noise is constant and gets louder with speed, the noise appears to come form the rear of the car. I can only describe the noise as a jet like sound from inside the car and a groan//humming noise from outside.
How may you ask can you hear is from the outside?
Well I put the car up on jack stands and ran the car.
Here is the weird part: The noise is not present until the speedo starts to move, once the speedo moves the noise appears.
I tested this by having my dad apply the gas while I would listen, he also heard the noise appear and pointed out that it corresponded with the movement of the speedo.

I have tired many things that did not solve my problem, I thought it was a wheel baring, but both rear were fine, so I had the rear sub frame apart I dropped the diff and had it checked out... it was fine. I also had the diff guy take a ride in my car and see if he knew what it was, but he could only tell me that it was not a ring and pinion problem.

Since the noise comes on with the movement of the speedo I think that the noise is some how related to the transmission.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my car?

BTW there has been no loss of performance.


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