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Gas gauge

I am experiencing the same thing with my gas gauge in my '90 300E. I think I might have the fix for this. Take out the instrument cluster from the dashboard, and then take it apart. Inside, to the right and behind the gas gauge on the circuit board is a small relay. The contacts on mine were dirty/corroded from age. Take that apart and clean it (i did it with sand paper and alcohol) and then put it all back together. I cannot tell you if this is the fix because I just did this procedure tonight and still have yet to put the instruments back in the car (I am in the middle of replacing all the vacuum servos behind the dash and will not have everything back together until probably tuesday). If you want to go ahead and clean the relay and try it out, that is great, but I can also get back to you early next week when I have put my car back together. -- Mikey
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