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Sorry for the delay - way busy week with the wife opening a new store, etc + I wanted to observe Ava a bit more.

OK, I run Delo 400, usually 30wt. I've been a bad shade-tree-mechanic, and have not logged oil consumption, but will start in earnest with the next oil change.

A year and a half ago, we thought we'd start at the top, and checked compression - it was all across the board, something like 240-360. A valve adjust, and running the main fuel filter full of AT fluid brought 4 cylinders into the 360 range, but #1 dropped to 150psi!

Biodiesel300 had me soak #1 for a few days with a couple ounces of brake fluid, and that brought all cylinders within the 345-360 range. This may be a key.

I also know she's in need of a set of glow plugs, and have the plugs and reamer on order.

Wondering: could the rack dampener being faulty or out of adjustment create a smoking issue?

***So, for example: last evening, after a gig, we started her up, and drove about 6 blocks to the grocery store. I waited with the car - running, while my wife shopped. Sat in the lot for 10 minutes - temp gauge at 60 (half warmed up) Idling beautifully, and not a puff - absolutely NO smoke, or anything - I couldn't see any exhaust at all - very well lit lot - smooth idle - wonderful.

Then out on the highway 14 miles and stopped at her store - Ava sat chugging and smoking.

Keep in mind there seems no consistency to the issue. Sometimes she smokes cold...

I have a hard time believing that bad rings come and go, but maybe they do. I have new glows coming, and also plan the valve adjust and purge, although the latter 2 have not affected this issue much in the past...

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