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A key point here is to watch your oil
consumption. If you are using a quart
per 1,200 miles or so, you should think
about getting things checked. In fact,
I have heard time and time again that
there should be NO oil consumption for
3,000-mile changes.

I recall that the timing chain should be
checked at about 60k miles. Also check
the sprockets for wear.

I spent over $8k getting mine rebuilt. The
mechanic who did the work did a superb job
and we checked and rebuilt everything,
including the injector pump; all with MB
parts. After breakin,I could get 30MPG at 55MPH, have almost no smoke or diesel noise. 32k miles later it is still quiet and smooth. I don't know about the mileage since I can't seem to drive at anything less that 75 or 80 MPH.

Don't panic. Just maintain it and keep an
eye on the oil consumption.

Even with the engine failure, I love my car.
It drives me crazy even to ride in another
vehicle, even a new one.

Ralph Burnette
1993 300SD
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