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please help! alternator mounting bracket broken, bolt from Hell, W123, now what?

you gotta help me out!
while trying to remove the alternator from a 300TD, the lower mounting bolt would not come loose, like it was a reverse-threaded bolt that had been cross-threaded in there with an impact gun and a nice helping of JB Weld on the threads to boot. well, after about 40 hours of labor and tricks (torches, PB Blaster, 8 ft breaker bars, 8 broken balls, etc) now the whole bracket cracked.

a commando assault team went to the junqueyard, found a '79 TD and tried to remove a spare mounting bracket off the block. what's with these Mercs? ummm, can anyone here say "servicable"? no? you can't take these cars apart. just to get at that one last bolt, remove: radiator, crank pulleys (with Allen keys???!!!, who brought those? no-one? oh well...) so F--K it, sorry for the rant, but ...

NOW WHAT? trash the whole car, because of one bolt. how silly. or carry spare batteries all over creation, charge 'em every night. great. so, how about removing the A/C compressor, and mounting an alternator there? any comments? i don't know what else to do, SOB, SNIFF, MPPH, BLuoughyeee

oh yeah, thanks, guys, for any help, in advance, and etc.
wordy enough?
yours truly,
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