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Unhappy 1989 230E W124, recently bought, have some questions

Greetings everyone! Last week I became an owner of the gray(metallic) 1989 230E, wonderfull 2.3L engine, nice exterior and clean interior.
The car handles great. Just feel like I am a king of the city roads. However, the car has some problems and question only the forum members can answer. Sorry for asking you so many questions. Please help if you can. My questions are:
1. Yesterday when I started the engine and was admiring at the oil pressure gauge staying at max., suddenly the instrument panel electronics stopped working including oil pressure, fuel level meter, water temp and tachometer. After that I can hear whining sound from the front left speaker. The sound appears when ignition is on and also with engine working and disappears when the turning lights are turned on. What can this be? Thinking it is a shortage I removed the stereo, unhooked the front speakers but that did not help.
2. There is always hot air coming from the wents when the vent is on regardless of the position of the 2 wheel controls. The instrument panel LCD is showing -38 degrees C. Does this affect heater. How do I turn off the heat? Why there are 2 wheel controls for the heater, isn't 1 enough?
3. At speeds above 100 km/h (60 mph) I can hear wowing sound coming from the back. I also hear a nock from the back when I push the gas pedal or when shifting. Seems like it is back parts of the rear wheel drive. Is this thing expensive to fix?
Thanks for reading.
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