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Just planning out mods I want to do very soon whilst I'm awaiting return of car from workshop along with mods I want to get stuck into once car comes home from workshop.

While I'm waiting I wanna remove grill from bonnet & paint it up satin black. If it looks the part then look at powder-coating it along with perhaps wheel centres? Also paint the boot strip holding rear license plate lights on matching satin black along with the boot star emblem.

First thing i want to definitely tackle is engine bay heat. This includes heat wrapping the inlet runners & custom extractors. Probably getting a Turbo blanket. Tastefully cutting into front bar & inserting mesh, painting mesh black. I want to avoid bonnet scoops to let air into bay as I don't want to draw attention at this stage.
Looking at a set of 18 x 8" BBS lookalikes. Only reason is they are "brand new" being sold privately so, very tempting

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