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I have read several posts regarding problems with the factory alarm on the 190 and 300 models. Problem being that the alarm activates randomly when the car is parked, locked and sitting. I believe it is either a faulty control module (located under the passenger floor board) or possibly a bad motion sensor which i believe is located behind the driver side back seat. My question is: Can i disengage the alarm without eliminating my automatic door locking system. Currently, i have removed the No. 12 fuse so that i don't annoy my neighbors but that means i don't have automatic locking capailities. i would like for the time being to just disable the alarm portion. Is all that is required to disengage mean just removing the two power leads to the control unit. Will this not affect my auto locking capabilities. Plus, i don't think the problem is my door switches since i have had once replaced so could it be the motion sensor. If so, can i unplug the motion sensor without screwing up the alarm system (please clarify whether the motion sensor is indeed under the driver side rear seat because i got that location from reading other posts and don't know if it is accurate)
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