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I bought my 190E used and never knew that the airbag light on the console was burned out. When i got it replaced, i noticed that the light for SRS remained on. i talked to a mechanic who ran a quick diagnostic test and believed that it was the SRS control module ("brain"). However, he did not have the insurance to work on it and said i would have to go the dealer. A new control module costs about $800. Ouch. Considering my car has 170K i just don't want to invest that. i found a junkyard that has the part for $200 and the car was not in an accident that deployed the airbag, Therefore, the brain should conceviably be good. I know where it is located (underneath and back of the radio). if i try and replace this, would only need to disconnect the battery and replaced via plug and play. I am just afraid that when i hook the battery back up, the air bag might suddenly deploy. I don't believe my car was in an accident which would cause the airbag to deploy so could it still be the control module that is faulty. The mechanic who ran the test said that the sensors passed the diagnostic test and he is a good mechanic so i tend to believe him that it is the control module.
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