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Re: 260e Seat Back

Originally posted by Michael B
How do the backs of the seats come off in an '88 260e? One of the plastic sides that holds the mesh to the back of the seat has come off and I need to remover the seat back to screw the plastic side back on.

Michael B
I think he's talking about the "front" seatbacks, not the rear seat cushion...

...there are two phillips screws on the bottom of the seatback that have to be removed first. The seatback has a groove on each end that holds the lip of the front seat cover. The seat springs provide the tension that holds it all into place.

Once the screws are removed, take a flat-tipped screwdriver at the bottom edge of the seatback groove and carefully pry the front seat cover lip away from the groove. Pressing against the front seat will relieve some of the tension to make the task easier. Once you get enough of the lip away from the groove, you should be able to pull the remainder away by hand. Doing one side only is sufficient to access anything you need from that point.

While you are at it, check the operation of the power headrest (if yours is so equipped). This is a good time to replace the gear assembly if it's problematic (cheap DIY, time and moneywise).

Install requires carefully pressing the lip back into the groove.

Hope this helps.
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