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It got very cold during the past several weeks (as low as - 25 C at night). My '90 300 SL started without any problem. However, shortly after the car warmed up (operating at 80 C), it continually stalled when I came to a stop. It would re-start without any problem after I open up the throttle a little more. This happened 6 or 7 times while I drove my car to the MB dealer. When I got to the service dept., it was fine. Because it was so cold, I did not use any of the electrical extras (e.g. seat warmers, defogger, etc.) when this problem occured. I also use synthetic oil. The car has 180,000 km. It was recently tested for emissions and compresssion tested and passed by flying colors.

The dealer service dept. ran the usual tests and did not find any problem. They could not duplicate the problem. They did, however, noted that the engine coolant temp. sensor was leaking slightly and MAY be the problem but they were not sure. In any event, this sensor was replaced.

It is now not as cold and therefore I have not experienced this stalling problem anymnore. However, I am concerned that the MB service dept. cannot diagnose the problem and therefore I am hesitant in taking this car for any kind of long trip until I am comfortable that the problem is solved and not just waiting to re-occur.

Any suggestions as to where to direct the MB tech. to look?

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