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Hope this helps

Not sure this will help but.

I am not sure what type of bolt it is that is stuck. anyhow, at this point would it make sense to hook up to the bolt with big breaker bar and snap bolt head off.

Try extracting with extractor (I can never seem to get those things to work) or drill out, and tap.

I've had to do this on a couple of occassions. Last time on my tractor. Instead of snapping bolt off I cut off with my dremel tool. As soon as I had cut the head of the bolt off I was able to spin the stud of the bolt out with my finger (which I sliced wide open). Was able to just use new bolt, no problem. The head of the old bolt had frozen to the surface it tightened against.

I tend to resort to cutting when all else fails.

Good luck,

Prayer helps to.
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