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I had the same problem as you i believe. With the AC on you get cold air in the middle and hot air at both the far left and right vents. Problem ended up being a split black vacuum hose located in the engine compartment. There is a little plastic connector with black hoses located on the driver side just below the windshield inside the engine compartment (at least that is where my hose was splitting). I fixed the leak by snipping the hose at the split and placing it back on the connector. Everything worked fine from there. My mechanic said that what your experiencing is usually a tell tale sign of vaccum leak. If you were getting hot air out of the middle vent as well then that would more tend to be problems with your climate control module. Hope that helps.

Originally posted by BenzoX:
Hey guys I know exactly what you are going through. However I also have another problem ever since my ac stopped working. through the side vents I get hot air all the time with the climate control system totally off. I have to close the vents so that they won't blow hot air at me. It seems like they are just totally open to the outside air. I don't believe this was like that before.

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