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Question 260E blubbering on hot re-start help wanted...

Hi all,

My 1988 260E (151, 000 miles) runs quite well, breathing a bit, using 1l oil per 1000 miles but smooth and capable of 120 MPH+ with ease.

It had a full service 3, 000 miles ago, new distributor cap, plugs, rotor arm, plug leads, fuel filter.

The car starts fine when cold and quite well when hot but...Now this is the problem. After I have driven the car and it is warm or hot and I leave it parked for anything over a few seconds and then I restart the car, it sounds and feels like it is 8-stroking/blubbering/running rich. It's almost as if it were a carburettor car and I had put the choke on when it's hot. The car
will start, and will idle but the idle is not very stable, varying up and down more than usual.

However, it just takes a run of about 50 yards or so down the road and then the blubbering clears and the car runs fine.

It sounds like neat fuel/over rich mixture is getting into the cylinders (or cylinder?) when the car is hot.

Looking around the fuel system, I believe it's possible that there is a problem with the fuel system pressurisation-excessive pressure when the car is warm but turned off is causing fuel to leak past the injector(s) or to boil in the fuel lines. This excessively rich mixture then burns off quite quickly and correct pressure is regained. Well, this is ONE theory. If correct, I suppose I should replace the fuel accumulator or fuel pump? Any
comments? What else could it be? Could it possibly be the cold start unit is faulty? HELP!!!!


Al Bolton, G4VSQ
Reading, UK
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