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Originally posted by fasthair
HI Dan

I think the 2 trannys will interchage and should bolt right up. Might be some gear ratio differents but nothing to worry about I don't think.

both tranny are automatic !!!

I should have mention that the tranny is a 1971 280s an the car 1967 250s with a 230sl tranny (apparntly this in normal). I have called a benz shop in ottawa and the teck guy ask me if the trannys look alike, I said no, he said that the 280s tranny would not fit, if it had been and earlier 280s it would have. Now being the cheap "dood" that I am, I need to know for a fact that 280s tranny won't fit.

So to all pros out there "please please please" tell me that it dos fit!!!
Next week I'll call other shops to make really really shure it dos not fit.
Any other input would be appreciated.


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