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Andras Nagy
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Thanks for the concurrence of your experience.

By the way, I just returned from the 24 Hours of Daytona, and saw Bruce Anderson, who is a guru of Porsche 911, and after catching up on our personal histories, I asked him what new things he has learned that differ from his earlier (like 30+ years of experience and advice) in his reprinted book, "911 Performance".

He says that he learns new tricks all the time, and has even changed his mind about many earlier recommendations, when he has learned new information.

Now CC, we are not chiding you, just trying gently to say to you that old habits that might have negative consequences might be worth looking into and worth trying new approaches. And when you do, you might be surprised as how the expereince of tohers might help you in your life with one of the best cars ever built - yours......Andras
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