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Still deciding whether or not to cut out the front bar whilst waiting for workshop to finish (always something else pops up in life is would seem ) or leave it til' I get it home?

Decided against painting the bonnet grill black just yet. Will get this sandblastered & powder coated along with wheels once I've chosen the right ones (still considering the BBS style rims at the moment). So will be pretty much a waste of time messing with it now only to get it done right later Will probably have other parts to sandblast up ahead. You never know.

Still not overly eager to do too much cosmetic body work prior to vehicle inspection & rego.

Guess I'm really peeved at the time it's taking the workshop but, on a positive side, this gives me extra time to put away for expected expenses up ahead like brakes? struts? any electrical dramas that may arise when it's all said & done?

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