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Angry Won't hold in park on an incline anymore

Greetings Everyone.

Just discovered this board today (and maybe just in time).
I have a 75 300d automatic which recently started acting up a little more than usual.

Main worry is this: I noticed the shifting through park, neutral to drive and back now makes a "ting" kind of noise. Also will not hold in park even on a slight incline (starts hopping back down the driveway) with out the extra help of the parking brake.

What gives? I'm terrified of going into the shop with very limited knowledge. Any ideas?

Secondary worry: Car kind of looks like its leaning down just a little bit to the left and makes a "clunk" when making sharp right turns or going over bumps.

I would love to keep this car and dread coming up against a fix that i am financially unable to bear.

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions!!
Great looking community you folks have setup here.


one more thing - can anyone recommend a good mbz mechanic in san francisco bay area?
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