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Does the pitch of the noise follow the speed of the rear wheels? Meaning, if you increase the indicated speed does the pitch get higher? Does the volume get louder with increased speed?

If the noise is a high pitch, it is not likely something heavy and large in diameter, especially if the pitch is high when the noise starts. Is the noise loud and obnoxious outside the car, where the pitch was noted to be a groan/humming sound instead of the jet noise? Have you disconnected the speedometer gear? This could be something that is capable of generating a high pitch. About the only other thing I can think of that might make a high pitch even at low rpm would be something externally rubbing on the drive train that is attached to the body, and you are exciting a resonance. Maybe if you go to a place with a lift and you get all 4 wheels off the ground, you can get under there when the noise is present and try to pinpoint it.

Good luck, hope this helps, Jim
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