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Andras Nagy
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Funny thing; as both a MB and Porsche lover, I too was rooting for Dyson, since I've met him and he seems like one of "us". I'll bet he drives a Benz, though at races one really only talks about cars, and nothing else. This is true in the Porsche Club ever since I joined 30 years ago; some guys I have no idea what they do for a living, whether they're married, or what. All we ever talk about is Porsches. Same at the track. It was the same at this 24 Hours of Daytona; there was no Porsche Factory effort, so we "fanatics = fans" were left to root for the slower 911s which had no chance. But did you notice that if there had been no privateer Porsches in the race, there would only have been a few cars running at the end?

David: I lived in San Francisco for three years back in the 70's, and the common practice then was to park your car on the hills with the wheels turned into the curb, so that if something happened, your tires would jam into the curb, thus keeping your car stationary. It was good to see that practice has not changed, when last year I visited SFO and found all the cars with their tires against the curb.

And yes, this is a parking brake - just look at all the cars with the P in a circle written on the "parking brake release" handle. The idea, "one more once", is to hold the car in place without putting undue stress on the Park dogs, and to keep the transmission from being locked up.

This is such a simple thing to due, that you wonder what other "silly" things people do becasue they don't understand the concept of mechanical thing - and I'm not even a mechanical engineer.

Oh well, as I had said before in my post, we will always do those things that we WANT to do, not those things that we OUGHT to do. It's just human nature......Andras
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