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Originally Posted by 75Sv1 View Post
Try Schur Ecofuel.

I've also read that some types of injectors, help with the atomization of WVO. I think Monark might make that claim on their nozzles.

Mercedes Source kind of claims that the Monaks were made for use with WVO (C Sean Watts would be the one to ask for that info). I doubt that is the case.
Some company called Elsbert or Elsbit sells Nozzles they caim to work better woth SVO, WVO but I have never even see a pic of them let alone read any sort of test of them.

The Monarks have a cut called a Facet on the end of the Nozzle Pintel. The same is used on the later Bosch Nozzles for Mercedes. This is what makes me doubt that the Mercedes Source claim that the were designed for WVO use is bogus.
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