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My $0.02

First and foremost, this is the wrong forum to ask questions on WVO. There are a lot of nay-say-er around here. There are a lot of long posts for and against WVO but I will try to tell my own experience.

1) People get jealous when I tell them I use WVO and drive for free plus my sweat labor. I then ask them if they change their oil or brake pads themselves. When they say no then I tell them to stick to gas or diesel. If they do not heed your warnings then they are the half-a** mechanics who stand a high risk to ruin their car. But it is their cars and money after all.

2) Most people try to convert old MBZ diesel, at least 15+ year old. So any problems they encounter may be inherent to the car already, that is, pre-existing conditions. Not many people in their right mind would try WVO on a new $50K CDI.

3) People complains that WVO will shorten your engine life. I have yet to be convinced that cars running on diesel will last a long life or forever.

4) There are a lot of factors that determine engine/IP life. Fuel used is one of the factors but not all. I have used WVO successfully and have over 45K on a 300SDL, 30K on a 300D and 10K on a 190D. I have had everything, anything thrown at them, including atf, WMO, brake fluid and PS fuild and they are still running strong.

5) I have installed water diesel separator and after-glow circuit in the cars. I believe there is no ill-effect on the engine if the conversion is done right.

6) I met fellow forum members in SoCal that use WVO/RUG mix successfully without ANY modification to the cars.

7) Now get back to the OP questions. The short answer is possible. The long answer is it depends on a lot of factors. This forum is skewed because most of the posts are problems related so any statistic gleaned from the posts on WVO is unreliable and meaningless.
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