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Originally Posted by layback40 View Post
The cox was a glow plug engine, ran 75% methanol : 25% light oil for lube.
There were small diesels, they ran on 33% ether :33% kerosene : 33% light oil (lube).
Some tried to use Castor oil but it used to gum everything up. Just like WVO.
I ran the COX fuel in my Suzuki back then (the early '70s), ran well, blew it up three times, ... didn't learn very quickly.

Those little Cox engines were fun, 2-stroke diesels all fuel lubricated, all of their power came from RPM, little pistons with no rings and a ball-socket joint instead of a "proper" wrist pin. Do they still make them? Before battery technology became what it is today I guess it made sense for RC stuff.

It was years later when I found out that there were "real" 2-stroke diesels out there; the 71-series DD engines, made me start to think about how much I liked the compression-ignition concept, almost as much as turbines (but haven't successfully installed a turbine in a car yet)

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