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I am trying to sort out the 91 300E. I've done f&r shocks, sway bar bushings, but it still doesn't ride right. I replaced the rear springs - Fastlane- Ride height is good, but the rear suspension isn't:

The car is a '91 300E. It is an excellent car. 186k and it looks like it has less than 80k on it. It is the family long distance cruiser. I don't want to "lower" it, but I will reduce the spring pads if necessary.

The problem is with the rear suspension. It is as if I got the wrong rear springs. It seems to squat easily and with four people, it doesn't feel firm: Especially on curving roads. Rear biased, BUT not that low in ride height interestingly.

I have inserted two spring knuckles on both rear springs to raise the rear ride height and to create additional push, but I keep thinking it is the rear springs' rating. They seem soft.

I have measured the front and rear chassis heights. Instead of the 7.5" +/- from ground to rubber jack pad, mine is roughly 8.2".

I am concluding that the rear springs are the wrong ones, too soft. I could probably lower the car by reducing the spring collars at least one bump front and rear. But I really don't want to spend the additional time and money to do that unless I am on to the cure.

So I have just concluded the obvious and the rear springs are the problem? Am I missing something?
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