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This is good information. Now that you mention it, although the ABS lamp does not stay on, I have noticed that it takes an inordinate length of time - after starting - for it to go off. It will sometimes stay on for two or three miles before blinking off!

I'll replace it today. Also, is the mass air sensor a difficult part to replace and, can you tell me where it's located? RPM55 suggested that it might also be the culprit.

Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate both you guys. I'm scared to death to take the car back to my local MB dealer. The last time I took it in, they said I needed a new window motor and regualtor and a new transmission and motor for the uniwiper.

The "Burned out window motor and regulator" turned out to be an unplugged motor and a missing rivet to the motor frame. Total cost to repair: $13 (had to buy a larger pop rivet gun.)

Thanks to a doctor in Oregon (who had performed "surgery" on his 280) I was able to remove the housing on the wiper. Inspection of the wiper transmission revealed that it was fine. The motor was bad and was replaced for about $110.

My Total cost: Less than $125 (The dealership quoted $1950)

I guess that's the price you pay when you only have one dealer in a city of more than 1.3 million people. Monopoly in action.

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