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300E Difficult Hot Starts Problem Solved


As many of the 300E owners, my hard start (hot) problem turned out to be related to a leaking fuel distributor. It cost $7 for the tiny o-ring around the shaft of the fuel distributor. I went through the whole fuel system trying to figure out the problem. I checked the ovp fuse, the EHA for leakage and vacuum hoses. Also, I should mention that the rubber boot at the bottom of the fuel distributor was not installed properly from the time I took the distributor off the first time. Also, the airflow disc on top of the air intake had to be adjust to be concentric with the opening (execuse the use of the wrong terminology). The idle control valve was soaked and cleaned. I replaced both check valves at the pumps. All vacuum hoses were also replaced.

So, the problem is almost gone now. It starts fine cold, and when hot it tends to start week, shut off once or twice before finally running. I have the Bosch Pt spark plugs which are not desired. Could that cause a problem?

I have just picked up the car last night from our local transmission shop where I had my tranny rebuilt. The car was delaying going into reverse and can not climb any incline in reverse, especially when hot. The forward gears seemed to work OK. So I decided to rebuild the whole tranny instead of just patching the reverse, and I am glad I did. The car now shifts perfectly, very smooth.

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