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Originally Posted by 1stbenznc View Post
One point that rarely comes up is that fact that WVO is a carbon neutral burn. Some contaminants a bit higher, but overall much cleaner fuel for the environment than diesel, It's a recycled by-product (which is great!),.... and not from a depleating fossil fuel.

This statement is an opinion.

You have as much right as anyone to your opinion but it does not meet the level of scientific fact.

A funny thing has happened in the recent past. People have observed the potency of the scientific method. A very brief reminder...

1. Have a notion (hypothesis).
2. Test it empirically (experiment)
3. EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE must be able to repeat the results.
4. If ANY failure of the hypothesis is observed the theory does not rise to scientific truth.

Other disciplines became jealous of the potency of the scientific method so they started to call their disciplines scientific. There was one small problem; it did not meet the 4 criteria listed above.

The rational mind is just as capable of being deceived as the emotional or impulsive mind. It is when experimental verification guides the rational mind that mankind reaches a new level. But these new "scientific" disciplines do not rise to the level of objective truth, an ultimate goal of science,
and we have deceived ourselves into believing opinion calling itself science.

I have lived long enough that I can remember numerous "imminent catastrophes" that have been promulgated upon the public in the past 50 years. Amazingly, even when the vast majority fail to occur, people still become agitated when the next great concern appears in the press.

A review of the past 100 years reveals about 6 different times "experts", who managed to get the attention of the media, have warned of imminent climate disaster. It has usually been global cooling that causes the concern but about every 20 years someone decides that Mother Nature is about to make our lives miserable.

Carbon dioxide may be a problem. "Global warming/climate change/anything unpleasant" may be occurring, may be caused by man, may be reversible, may be worth the cost to reverse. We do not know.

Ultimately it comes down to a cost-reward analysis; what's it cost, what do I get. That cannot be done until level-headed, reasoned investigations are performed. That is not and perhaps cannot be done in the current social climate.

While organic chemistry is not my field of specialization I'm fairly comfortable stating that the chemical and physical properties of vegetable oil and a petroleum distillate are different. The difference may or may not be critical to an application. That requires detailed investigation.

So getting back to cars. WVO may be desirable alternative. It may not. If even a few of the issues mentioned by W124_E300D (how come he puts an E before the 300D but not a W before the 124?) are valid then there appear to be meaningful challenges to large scale implementation of WVO. To have a hundred people come forward and say, "Hey, it's working great for me" is fine but that's just anecdotal; technology requires a whole different level of rigor and understanding.
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