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Antifreeze water mixture

Thanks for replying 'suginami'. I agree and I will adjust the mixture. It keeps leaking out so fast through all the different problems I've been having with the cooling system that I simply add anti-freeze one time and water the next time I check the levels.

As greatful I am for any input on getting my beauty fixed, I still need help getting the overheat problem fixed. As for 'engatwork', I replaced the thermostat with a generic NAPA thermostat which looks a little different from the Behr model pictured at The Benz Bin but I figured as long as it opens at 67 degrees C its okay. Besides, it runs hot only after driving at least 45 minutes at 65 MPH or higher.

The car runs okay disregarding running hot. It idles really low sometimes at the point of stalling. It is fairly quiet except for a couple exhaust leaks. Drives and shifts smooth.

Thanks for all your input. I flushed the radiator, but I will certainly take the radiator in and have it checked out if nothing else can be done. The ***** about it is that this model sends its ATF through the bottom to help the ATF cool off. How about vacuum leaks as mentioned on this thread? Also, should I have copper or platinum core plugs in this year and model MB?


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